Budgets, Saving, & Spending


Hi! My name is Tiffany and I mainly work in finance and big data. I am not an expert, but thought I would use this blog to show methods available and see if any that I provide can help someone else.

My research has offered statistics that about half of all Americans don’t save enough to cover an emergency (something, needed but can not be purchased in cash). Many people also wish that they could save more and had the time to budget. It is not super hard to start either but they important thing is to make a start, strategize, and make and effort to continue.

I will post about several methods to save money, ways to save on spending and some options for budgeting.

Look for future blogs on the following:

  • Why budget, why save
  • How is your credit?
  • Why check my credit every year
  • Budgeting options and other tools
  • Banking tools

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